Let me help enhance your career, products and life through dedicated, hands on editing and creative perceptual tools.

After nearly a decade working to help bridge the gap of university students with learning challenges and the requirements of learning in a competitive university environment, I developed highly creative tools for not just working outside the box, but creating your own box or abolishing life boxes altogether.  Building on these experiences allows me to bring a certain "magic" to Creative Problem Solving workshops and individual coaching.

Editing for Excellence

Educating and Coaching for Creative Problem Solving

Performance Plus Consulting

Janice Dietert, Sole Proprietor

With a background in English Literature and Language, experience teaching in a university and 13 years editing  books, journals, scripts, and magazines, my experience level is a match for any task.  I come well prepared to carefully and thoroughly review a text for the characteristics that detract from the final product.  When complete, my editing work adds to the quality of the material truly enhancing your best efforts.

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