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       Here is an example of my editing impact. Beginning 13 years ago I started editing every paper, book, book chapter, blog article, and project proposals of my university professor spouse.  Prior to that his writing was labored and its impact appreciated but only by a limited audience. Almost as soon as I began editing his work, people requesting his work increased, his readership broadened, more people were citing his works and using his written work, and he even won his first-ever writing award.  Recently (February 2016), the Library Journal in reviewing his latest book deemed him a “well published superscientist.”  A little editing can go a long way in terms of impact.

       But my editorial skills are not limited just to him or just science.  I have edited grant proposals both in science and education, and have recently been working with a colleague to edit her book about an transformational energy technique she has developed.  .

Performance Plus Consulting

      Some might call me a generalist and others a polymath.  Regardless, it is my wide spectrum of interests, training, and expertise that I draw upon for my editorial projects and problem solving workshops and coaching sessions. With experience and credentials spanning classical musicianship, English literature and linguistics, history, health-related sciences, psychology, contemplative and transformational practices, creative problem solving, and coaching-related education, I am well-positioned to be of assistance with your current writing project, career or life roadblock.

       In college I earned degrees in Computer Programming, Communications/Journalism, English Literature and Language, Social Sciences that focused on learning disabilities and further explorations in English.  Later, I earned a certificate in herbalism to understand the impact of herbs on health.  Plus, I taught university students with cognitive disabilities who came from all the colleges and disciplines on the campus.  Having a broad range of interests helped immensely in improving their understanding.  If I didn't know something about their area of study, I learned everything I could at the time.  I embraced my inquisitive nature and the world at large.