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 2006 (May)         The Institute of Natural Healing, Diploma in Herbal Medicine with Merit, Dip HM

 2002-2003;         Binghamton University, Harper College, English Literature and Language,
1994-1996                           completed 36 out of 40 credit hours toward M.A.

1996-1997            Binghamton University, School of Education and Human Development, MASS in
                                                Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder, December 1997
1992-1994            Binghamton University, Harper College, B. A. in English Literature and
                                                Language, May 1994
1984-1985            Broome Community College, A. A. Journalism/Communication, coursework in
                                                Creative Writing, Drama and Theater
1982-1984            Broome Community College, A. A. S. Data Processing - Business, heavy on
                                               computer programming  (COBOL, PASCAL, HTML, CSS)


2000-present     Sole Proprietor, Performance Plus Consulting – text editing service and creative
                                     problem solving coach/workshop presenter
2003-2004;           Lecturer, Services for Students with Disabilities, Binghamton University

2003-2004;          Binghamton University, provided services and expertise for university students
1997-1999                    entering with existing neurological and developmental disabilities

2002 (Fall)           Lecturer, British Literature I, Harper College, Binghamton University


 2015 (May)         "Perceiving Your Roadblocks Differently," Master Class presented at the
                                                2015 Creativity Expert Exchange Annual Conference, Buffalo State

Performance Plus Consulting


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