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Perceiving Reality - Context, Historical Use, Selective Attention

Interacting with Information

Gaining Multiple Vantage Points
            - 30 seconds to change your view
            -  walk around the problem
            - become the neutral observer

Applying Sleep and Dreams

Hobbies as Springboards


Intentional Play

Performance Plus Consulting


       Performance Plus Consulting is the home for general audience workshops in creative problem solving.  These are titled "Perceiving Your Problems Differently" and are being launched in 2016 with a kickoff workshop in Reno, NV. 

       In these workshops, my husband and I demonstrate how the world around you conforms to the expectations you've been taught.  But once you see the optical and perceptual illusions, you will find yourself relaxing into greater possibilities.  We will teach you how to use a wide variety of contemplative and other tools and strategies for overcoming your roadblocks all of which can be customized to you.

       These workshops grew out of a Cornell University course and are supported by both a book, Science Sifting, and a peer reviewed journal article.

       Many of these tools are the same ones I use in my personal coaching sessions and my life when I want to move beyond roadblocks. These can empower you in your career and your everyday life.  Watch this site for information on upcoming workshops.